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I was talking with a really nice follower(Hey Jire!) who made me realize I didn’t even introduce myself and what Cosme Lagos is about! That is so like me, so quick to dive into things without going through formalities (which can be good or bad, in this case very bad )

Hello, my name is Sarah Adigba. I’m a few months shy of 20 years old. I’m Nigerian. I’m slightly taller than 5’7″  with natural hair, brown eyes and a heart-shaped face. Nice to meet you!

Like many people I am interested in how I look. I am also a budding scientist blessed (or cursed) with an extreme, roving curiosity for how things work. These come together to create a person who is ready (extremely happy even) to do the homework for you. I plan to give you extremely fleshed-out, detailed and unbiased articles relating to all your beauty needs, be it skin care, hair care and makeup. You can use this completely anonymous form to ask your questions here.

I will also routinely about how and why some cosmetics may or may not work. Ever wondered how factual cosmetic scares are? Whether some products are worth the hype? Keep reading my blog posts to find out!

Thank you for reading and I hope you join me next week when I’ll give you an all-inclusive guide to skin lightening.

Do you know you can read me straight from your feed reader? For whatever app you use, you can click on either the bloglovin’ or RSS button in my footer below. 

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