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#BrighterSkin: Safe Ways to Skin Bleach

How To Bleach Safely

I promised a video but I ultimately couldn’t do it. Listen for my explanation and of course, how to safely skin bleach.

Listen to How To Safely Skin ‘Tone’: How To Safely Skin ‘Tone’

What I forgot to mention, if that wasn’t already obvious, is that I don’t believe that anyone should bleach their skin. Remove hyper-pigmentation and “even out” skin-tone yes, but not bleach. I know it’s very cliché but I think black skin is beautiful just the way it is.

However I do realize the sort of societies we live in and what could be driving people to want lighter skin in the first place. So if I cannot persuade you to not do it, I’d rather you do it safely and are very careful about what you’re doing. Finally, never forget your broad spectrum sunscreen!  If you have any questions regarding these issues, you can submit them anonymously here or use my curious cat.

Products Mentioned in Podcast

  1. Q7 Paris. Nigerian distributor’s number is 070 6652 8850. Honestly call them if you’re in Nigeria to be sure you’re getting original products. They are a lot of possibly dangerous fakes floating around. As mentioned on the podcast, the Carrot version gives the most intense lightening of 4-7 shades, followed by the almond variant of 3-5 shades, and finally pink version which just evens out hyper-pigmentation. Almond variant may be used to maintain desired skin-tone after reached by Carrot version.
  2. Fair and Brite: Combines salicylic acid, liquorice extract and mulberry extract to clear hyper-pigmentation and possibly even more. Readily available in Nigeria.
  3. Fair and White: Uses about 2% hydroquinone. For reasons mentioned here, don’t use for more than 3 month intervals at a time.

Join me next week when I put up the very first Ingredient rundown on Dencia’s controversial Whitenicious!

Update 24/08/2016: I’ve known about Mecran Cosmetics for a while now but didn’t know what was in it. I still don’t know much because they haven’t published their ingredient list. But now I know their active ingredients is licorice extract. That’s something to try out to see if it works for you. Their website is and if it helps, Toke Makinwa is their representative. Plus they’re having a sale!

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