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#AskCosme: Period Acne and Dyed Hair

#AskCosme: Period Acne and Dyed Hair

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Jolade*(name changed) was cool enough to send me an e-mail. Please be like Jolade, she doesn’t have two heads. She needed suggestions to help with her facial and hair care. Below is what she sent:

Hello Sarah,
A brief summary of my face: it is normal but can be dry during winter. I don’t have a lot of acne although I get period acne. My face has improved over the past two years but I’m still trying to reduce acne scarring. Right now I’m trying to switch things up and have a more moisturized face with fewer spot marks.

With my hair, I’ve been fully natural from 2013 but I used to cut my hair quite a lot. I dyed it last year with some semi-permanent hair dye but it’s wearing off now. My hair is not very full, and almost reaches collarbone (a bit above it).

What would you suggest to help?

Thank you.


Hey Jolade,

Thanks for sending me your #AskCosme question!

I perfectly understand what you’re going through with the winter dryness. Already the weather is changing and my skin is getting so dry! Moisturizers that worked fine for me over the summer no longer work as well. To rectify the problem, you might have to use a lot more of your regular face cream or try Eucerin’s Dry Skin Replenishing Face cream with 5% Urea. It’s 11 pounds on and on Amazon, it’s $14.47.


Period Acne and ScarringThere’s very little you can do to completely stop period acne. Only two main options are Birth control or pregnancy. Period acne is linked to increased progesterone(necessary for implantation of fertilized egg) levels in our bodies and may cause increase production of sebum(skin oil). Increased sebum means more hair follicle blockage and hence acne.

If you don’t already have one, consider a salicylic acid scrub/mask. Salicylic acid is not only great for removing excess sebum but should also help with scarring. Turmeric face masks thrice a week and kojic acid soap will further help remove face hyper-pigmentation. Kojic acid soaps can be very drying so the Eucerin face cream will really be helpful!


On Dyed Hair-care

Dying hair looks like it’s fun no doubt, but personally I’m too scared of the hair damage and I wonder if my conditioning routine is that skrong.

Hair dying reduces the elasticity and increases the porosity of hair. This means your hair is more likely to break and form knots. Coupled with the fact that winter is approaching, I’m sure you see why conditioning has to be super-important.

I have two suggestions:

1) Try pre-pooing. Pre-pooing involves applying an oil(or mixture of oils) on your hair before washing hair. It may seem counter-productive to do this but hear me out; shampooing, especially when using harsh cleansers like Sodium Lauryl sulfate can cause damage to your hair. Pre-pooing helps mitigate some of that damage by using oils that will be absorbed into your hair shaft and stop unnecessary swelling.

2) Try deep-conditioning twice a week. It should help strengthen your hair. Look out for ingredients like Behentrimonium methosulfate or cetrimonium bromide/chloride. Don’t forget to focus on your ends since those are usually the most porous parts.

Good luck!


How to Pre-Poo

i) Decide on your natural oil. It could be one oil or a mixture of oils. Oils to consider: coconut, olive, avocado or even corn oil.

ii) Use your fingers or wide-tooth comb to detangle(if your hair is like mine, a detangling spray is also needed)

iii) Apply oil from tip to roots.

iv) Cover hair with plastic cap for 30 minutes or overnight. Whichever is easier for you.




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