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My Hair Regimen

Hair Regimen

As of October 2016. There will be updates as things change.

Creating a hair regimen can be tough; keeping to it can be even tougher. But it doesn’t have to be. I believe we can create appropriate regiments for ourselves if we know our hair needs and how we want to go about fulfilling them. My purpose for writing this is so you don’t stumble about as much as I did and waste time and money. Please, please learn from my mistakes y’all.

So here’s how I’m currently going about it. I’ll include the reasons why I use the products I use and some examples of what you could use if your hair’s different from mine.

Hair Type: 4C, thick strands, low porosity, high density (basically thick, full dark hair I sometimes struggle with lol)

Problems: Breakage, especially around my edges. I need my hair products to be as cheap as possible because I need a lot.

Things I Currently Use

  1. Coconut oil: My ultimate pre-poo agent. It may not work well for you if you have thinner hair so consider using olive or corn oil.
  2. Wide-toothed comb and hands: my back hair can get super-tangled so I prefer to use my hands there. My wide-toothed comb works fine for the middle and front hair as long as I start combing from ends down.Sta sof fro - hair regimen
  3. Sta-sof-fro Hair and Scalp Spray ($4 or 26 cents/oz): My detangler-in-chief. You can make your detangler with some oil and water.

alberto balsam- hair regimen4. Alberto Balsam Apple Shampoo ($1 or 8.4 cents/oz): Yes, it has sulfates but I think sulfates get an unnecessarily bad rap in the natural hair community. If they’re present with thickeners like sodium chloride, Cocamide DEA and CAPB, then they’re just as non-stripping as sulfate-free shampoos.

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5. Deep conditioner: Sheamoisture Yucca and Plantain Masque ($12 or $1.08/oz) or Africa Best Hair Mayonnaise ($3.94 or 26cents/oz). I’ll be honest and say I don’t like Africa Best mayonnaise’s smell but it’s just as effective or even more so than Sheamoisture’s masque.

kuza coconut conditioner and hair dressing - hair regimen6. Kuza’s coconut oil conditioner and hairdressing ($3.49 or 43.6cents/oz): My sealant to keep the moisture in. Contrary to popular belief, petrolatum is the most effective sealant there is. However you can substitute shea/mango butter for a similar effect.

sheamoisturejbco - hair regimen

7. Edge repair: SheaMoisture’s JBCO edge treatment ($7.99 or $2/oz) or soybean oil infused with tea tree oil (3 parts to 1 part).

8. Satin cap/scarf: To sleep with.

aphogee - hair regimen

9. Aphogee’s Two Step Protein treatment ($21.95 or $1.37/oz): This is a super super strong protein treatment. I want to use it with caution not only because it’s a bit pricey but because there’s such a thing as a protein overload, especially if you have low porosity hair. If you’re manipulating or coloring your hair, you might have to use it at least once a month or more frequently.

P.S: SheaMoisture products can be super-affordable when you buy them during their bi-annual sales. If you live in America or Canada, check or I bought all my Sheamoisture products at once a while a go and got them half price.

My Bi-weekly Wash Routine

I first section my hair into 6 pieces. This makes my hair easier to manage.

  1. I spray each section with Sta-sof-fro and comb out gently. I’m particularly careful with my back hair since it clumps the most.
  2. Work each section with coconut oil focusing especially on my ends. Those are the oldest and usually driest parts and need more love.
  3. Put my hair under a steam cap for at least 2 hours. I usually cook and clean during this time to work up some heat lol.
  4. Wash hair with shampoo about twice. I focus more on my scalp more to remove build-up.
  5. Then I apply my deep conditioner sparingly and allow to sit under cap for about 30 minutes. I usually do some homework or write during this time.
  6. I wash my conditioner out, wait for my hair to dry a bit then I seal with Kuza’s hair dressing.
  7. Immediately I start to braid or chunky twist my hair like below. I like my hair to dry while in braids, it keeps a lot of the moisture in.

Daily Routine: Brush front and back hair, apply SheaMoisture edge growth therapy/tea tree oil infusion on my scalp and walk out. I keep my hair braided/ twisted up until the next detangle.

I just tucked in my braids from the previous picture and went to class

Finally, a protein treatment with Aphogee’s Two Step Protein treatment every 3 months and a trim right after. Aphogee is so strong that the hydrolyzed collagen protein is its first ingredient. This is super-important and I’ll get into why next week.

Until then, see you soon!

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