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Cheap But Still So GOOD

Cheap But So Good

Time for a confession: I shop at Aldi. The prices are unbeatable and the quality of food is just like or similar to much more mainstream brands. One day I wondered how Aldi was able to deliver such good quality at such a low price. These were the reasons I found:

  • Making people pay to borrow trolleys. You get refunded once you return the trolley and that way, Aldi doesn’t have to pay someone to hang around at the car-parks.
  • Having enormous bar codes so the checkout person doesn’t have to look around.
  • Employing only a few staff.
  • And most importantly, scrimping on advertising!

You might ask, what does this have to do with a cosmetic blog? Simple. Just like in the grocery industry, there are beauty brands just like Aldi that are actively looking for ways to pass savings unto their consumers. They may do this by using cheaper, but just as effective ingredients, keeping their packaging simple,using very little advertising and many many more other cost saving exercises.

I really felt the need to mention this after talking to someone after she had spent a cool sum on some more high-end hair products. However, after just three uses, she had used up the product (mainly because she’s newly natural and still figuring out what works for her and what doesn’t).

Especially if you’re just starting out, you will benefit from trying out the cheaper stuff first then going to trying the more expensive after you’ve gotten more confident. You might even find out you don’t need to branch out because what you use works out fine. That’s the exact situation I’m in and I’d like to share some of cheaper stuff that’s been doing wonders for me. I hope they help you in some way:

organicstwistandlocgel1. Africa’s Best Olive oil Twist and Lock Gel (Got it for 3.49 pounds at my local beauty supply store)

Best thing I’ve used for defining my twist outs yet. I also twist my hair a lot to protective style and it’s so good for smoothening the fly hairs until my next wash, condition and re-twist. It’s a lot more watery than Eco-Styler Gel but I personally prefer it since my hair easily gets dry. Plus I love the bubblegum smell!

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Extra Hold

2. Crème of Nature Extra Hold Edge control(Got it for 2.49 pounds at my local hair store)

This was suggested to me through SnapChat and I’ve been loving it. I bought the Sheamoisture JBCO’s Edge Treatment thinking it could serve as an edge control (so I guess it’s my fault) and it was nowhere near as effective as CoN’s edge control.

Swatching MUA Luxe Kooky, Reckless and Bronze Shimmer Stick

Left to Right: Reckless, Bronze Shimmer Stick and Kooky all from MUA Luxe. These are after only one swipe.

3. MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in both Kooky and Reckless (3 pounds each).

I first got Kooky because I found out shipping beautybakerie to the UK would be prohibitively expensive. So I went to my local superdrug and started swatching liquid lipstick formulas on my hands to see which I liked the best. MUA Luxe’s formula turned out to be my best and I haven’t looked back since. I might still buy one of the beautybakerie like formulas just to compare but I really really love this lipstick and might buy some more colors before I have to go back to the US.

4. MUA Luxe Bronzed Shimmer Stick (4 pounds).

This is a super-good cream highlighter. (Drugstore brands don’t usually cater very well to darker skin tones; what might be a bronzer for a lighter person could a highlighter for you). It’s very build-able too so you can go as dramatic as you want; just remember to blend, blend, blend!

Barry M Champagne and Dreams Palette

5. Barry M Champagne and Dreams palette ( 6.49 pounds)

I use the highlighter powder to set the shimmer stick highlighter. It had a very faint glow on my skin and I just figured it would be good for that. It also comes with eye-shadow pans that I’ll use once I get back into using eye-shadow.

And finally, good old fashioned Vaseline. Also known as petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffinum liquidium etc. It’s a great occlusive agent (keeps water from evaporating). Contrary to popular belief, petrolatum is the best occlusive agent there is and is perfectly safe. Truthfully, cocoa butter and shea butter could work similarly as well for both hair and skin but I’m allergic to both.

I’m not saying some higher end brands don’t have benefits to them; some really do, but others don’t. Just be ready to experiment. Plus If you know any products that worked super well for you, and for cheap too, don’t forget to share them below in the comments  🙂

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