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Maintaining Twists: What I’ve Learned

My featured image is my first trial at twisting last December. Looking back, it took way more time than it had to and I didn’t make them small enough to last as long as I wanted  (2 months). Anyway, I do think it was a good first trial and I have improved a lot since then.


My Twists Now. Installed April 16 2017.

I love twists because they are super easy to do and  look good on anyone. You, my reader, should definitely try having them installed!

Soooo, here’s what I’ve learned about twists on my hair. I hope you find it somewhat useful.

  1. DON’T WASH: I watched a lot of YT videos saying you could wash your hair and it wouldn’t come out looking rough. That just wasn’t the case with me. Instead I now use a dry shampoo to remove build-up once a week or more if I feel I have to.
  2. NO LOC: At first I was doing the LOC method to hydrate my twists but the LOC kept on shrinking them. The worst part was that some parts of my hair would shrink really badly and other parts wouldn’t. To rectify that, I just listen to my hair, if that makes sense. If I feel my hair needs some leave-in conditioner, then I add it very carefully. Usually though, I’ll just take a  little coconut oil* and rub it gently from scalp to ends.
  3. STOP TOUCHING: If you’re like me, you suffer from hand in hair syndrome. I really am trying to get better by getting busy. Touching it will make it rough quicker so please, please don’t do it.

*My hair loves coconut oil which is why I use it so much. If your hair doesn’t, you could try oils like corn oil (don’t roll your eyes please), olive, almond or avocado oils (or a mixture of any). These are all oils that penetrate the hair shaft and reduce hair breakage.

Finally, don’t forget the basics like using a satin bonnet when going to bed.

P.S: I know this post is shorter than my usual but don’t worry, next week will be a lot longer. I ‘ll be talking about the preservative Methylisothiazolinone or MI for short (you already know it’s going to be long with a name like that) . Have a wonderful week until next time.

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