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Why I Prefer Sustainable to ‘Natural’

Natural Vs. Sustainable

A short summary as to why I do is: Natural doesn’t equal good. Something I’ve said many times. You can stop reading now if you’d like. But there’s some stuff below you might find interesting.

One place on my bucket list to visit is Teotihucan. It is a few miles from Mexico City crawling with Mesoamerican history and culture. It is also one of the earliest civilizations in the area to have a written form. Similar to the one that Mayans after them would adopt.

It would fall mostly due volatile climate conditions, ill-advised extensive logging and a drought that followed soon after. Doesn’t that sound similar to the world we are now experiencing? Even though they were farming and living quite ‘naturally’, their lifestyles were still inherently destructive and would eventually lead to the fall of their civilization.

Let me use another example. Do you know that paper and cardboard release more greenhouse gases than plastics if you consider that their full lifecycles? Crushing wood down into paper requires a lot of energy, a lot more than creating plastics would. And when paper anaerobically in landfills, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide. On the flip-slide, plastics do not have this problem because they do not decompose, ever. Which of course, is another big problem in itself.

I write all of this to say things are not nearly as straightforward as we are led to believe. I believe, therefore, we need to start considering the full costs of the things we do. Doing this will make us be sustainable. Truly, I don’t have the answers yet. But I do think I would like to spend the next few years of my adult life answering them. Then retiring as an archeologist lol.

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