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Question: How Do I Take Better Care of my Relaxed Hair Before I Transition?

taking care of relaxed hair

Many people don’t know this but relaxed hair is more fragile than natural hair. It seems unbelievable right? But when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. It explains why many people who could not grow long hair when relaxed suddenly start gathering inches like no there’s no tomorrow when they go natural.

Because of how fragile it relaxed hair is, you need to consider adopting many hair-strengthening techniques that will more than prepare you for being natural (if you do decide to take the plunge). 6 Tips to consider are:

1) Washing your relaxed hair no more than twice a month

 You don’t want to risk over-shampooing, which occurs when your hair is completely stripped of oils and is therefore more prone to breakage.

2) Pre-pooing before every wash

A pre-poo is when you coat your hair with an oil and let it steam under a shower cap for at least 2 hours before shampooing. One major benefit of pre-pooing is that it prevents over-shampooing. If you tend to use cheaper shampoos like V05 or Alberto Balsam, I’d recommend you do this every single time you want to wash your hair.

3) Always deep-conditioning after a wash

Deep conditioning provides three main benefits to hair, both relaxed and natural. It prevents damage by improving texture and flexibility, imparts moisture and adds shine and luster. With all these benefits, why would anyone want to pass up this important step?

4) Co-washing every week

Co-washing or conditioning washing is when you rinse out your hair with a conditioner the same way you normally would with a shampoo. It’s great for keeping your hair clean without stripping its natural oils. If you’re physically active and end up sweating a lot, this might be exactly what you need!

5) Stretching out your relaxers to 10-12 weeks and even more if possible

Frequent relaxing can lead to limp, over-processed hair. Many times, your hair will not grow enough in the normal 6-8 weeks to really differentiate it from the previously relaxed parts. I understand that you might not look forward to a two-textured situation but trust me, it truly is for the best.

6) Protective styling and Protein Treatments

Even relaxed girls need protective styles. It’s really important to keep your ends from brushing against the back of your shirt. And there are just so many styles to choose from that you never have to be bored.

The same goes for protein treatments. Now if you eat a lot of proteins you’re probably fine. But there’s nothing wrong with fortifying your hair with a light protein treatment here and there. Products with hydrolyzed protein (especially hydrolyzed keratin) are best at penetrating the hair shaft, keeping it pliable and strong.

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