The Ultimate 4C Natural Hair Guide

Now that it’s been 4 years plus since I went natural, I feel like I finally know what I’m doing. Now I think about the extremely naive natural that I was who really had no idea. Of course, there were blogs like, blackgirllonghair and many others but there wasn’t really a centralized place to look. So I’d spend hours reading the blogs and watching youtube videos trying to piece it all together.

I believe the articles in this guide will make your journey certainly a lot more easier than mine was. They are based on questions that I and many naturals I have would have wanted answered when we were starting out. I hope you enjoy:

Phase 1: Before Transitioning

How Do I Take Better Care of My Relaxed Hair Before I Transition?


Phase 2: While Transitioning

Phase 3: After Transitioning (Yes you’re fully natural!)

Phase 4: Tying it all together