About Cosmé/Me

About Cosmé Lagos

Cosmé Lagos is a product of love. Ever since I could remember, I have loved beauty; especially anything related to hair and skin care. Armed with an intense interest in science, I set out to create a space where women could feel beautiful in their own skin while making smarter (and cheaper) beauty choices. And so, Cosmé Lagos was born.

My main goal is to break down the scientific principles governing the usefulness of cosmetic products into easily digestible, juicy tips and tricks for you to use. Basically, I want to do your homework for you by providing extremely useful articles relating to all your beauty needs be it skin care, natural hair care & makeup.

Who’s “I” and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hi, my name is Sarah Adigba. I am a budding scientist blessed with a deep curiosity for how beauty products work. Like everyone else I like to look good. But unlike most people, I read extensively about the cosmetic industry, cosmetic formulations and beauty happenings.

Ultimately though, It’s all about you and what you need and want. So feel free to send me your questions using my contact form (make “#AskCosme” your purpose).

Finally, I’ve decided to put together ultimate 4c natural hair and skin guides. After reading many blogs and articles, I discovered there weren’t any step-by-step guides for newbies to follow through with. So I decided to make them. I plan to use 2018 to fully update both guides and welcome you to the journey.

For the Ultimate 4c Hair Guide: Link

For the Ultimate Skin Guide: Link

PS: Feel free to interact with me on twitter @CosmeLagos. I always reply my dms within a day or so 🙂