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Hair Care

Safe Relaxing Girls (And Boys): All You Need to Know About Relaxers

When I first saw this tweet and the extent of the relaxer damage, I was so disturbed. Unfortunately, relaxer damage isn’t exactly uncommon. Thankfully most cases aren’t as bad as this. I haven’t used a relaxer in almost 6 years myself. My experiences with relaxing were horrible and my scalp to this day has not fully recovered (a story for another day).

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Skin Care

Product Review: Tony Moly Earth Beauty Rice Mask Sheet

Tony Moly Rice Mask Review

One day, I went to Wawa on 36th street as I sometimes do to buy coffee. Somehow I found myself walking into Urban Outfitters and saw they were having a $10 for 3 face mask sale. I’d had been wanting to try face sheet masks for a while anyway so I got them. All three were from Korean brand Tony Moly.

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Useful Information

My Experience at The Warehouse Sale + The Preservatives Problem

Take chances with Preservatives

My Experience at the Warehouse Sale

Hey guys,

  Sorry I took a break last week. I came back completely exhausted from all I had to do last week. I only recently got my apartment sorted out.

In case you don’t know, I recently started a paid internship at Estee Lauder, a company I’ve been trying to work for for years. My position is not exactly what I wanted but it’s a serious learning experience for me and I’m happy to have it.

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