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Maintaining Twists: What I’ve Learned

My featured image is my first trial at twisting last December. Looking back, it took way more time than it had to and I didn’t make them small enough to last as long as I wanted  (2 months). Anyway, I do think it was a good first trial and I have improved a lot since then.


My Twists Now. Installed April 16 2017.

I love twists because they are super easy to do and  look good on anyone. You, my reader, should definitely try having them installed!

Soooo, here’s what I’ve learned about twists on my hair. I hope you find it somewhat useful.

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Green Washing: The Honest Company Isn’t so Honest

Greenwashing: The Honest Company

Green washing is when a cosmetic company would rather sell you the idea of being ‘green’ and ‘natural’ than actually be that. It’s pretty easy to see why; reformulating products take lots of time, money and effort and you might never be able to get the exact look or feel people are accustomed to.

Plus, since we’ve yet to define what a ‘natural’ cosmetic actually is, it gives companies leeway to define it however they want (like how some people tried to call ketchup a vegetable once 😆 ).

Q: So how do I avoid being green-washed?

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Cheap But Still So GOOD

Cheap But So Good

Time for a confession: I shop at Aldi. The prices are unbeatable and the quality of food is just like or similar to much more mainstream brands. One day I wondered how Aldi was able to deliver such good quality at such a low price. These were the reasons I found:

  • Making people pay to borrow trolleys. You get refunded once you return the trolley and that way, Aldi doesn’t have to pay someone to hang around at the car-parks.
  • Having enormous bar codes so the checkout person doesn’t have to look around.
  • Employing only a few staff.
  • And most importantly, scrimping on advertising!

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