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Product Review: Tony Moly Earth Beauty Rice Mask Sheet

Tony Moly Rice Mask Review

One day, I went to Wawa on 36th street as I sometimes do to buy coffee. Somehow I found myself walking into Urban Outfitters and saw they were having a $10 for 3 face mask sale. I’d had been wanting to try face sheet masks for a while anyway so I got them. All three were from Korean brand Tony Moly.

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Useful Information

My Experience at The Warehouse Sale + The Preservatives Problem

Take chances with Preservatives

My Experience at the Warehouse Sale

Hey guys,

  Sorry I took a break last week. I came back completely exhausted from all I had to do last week. I only recently got my apartment sorted out.

In case you don’t know, I recently started a paid internship at Estee Lauder, a company I’ve been trying to work for for years. My position is not exactly what I wanted but it’s a serious learning experience for me and I’m happy to have it.

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Hair Care

Maintaining Twists: What I’ve Learned

My featured image is my first trial at twisting last December. Looking back, it took way more time than it had to and I didn’t make them small enough to last as long as I wanted  (2 months). Anyway, I do think it was a good first trial and I have improved a lot since then.


My Twists Now. Installed April 16 2017.

I love twists because they are super easy to do and  look good on anyone. You, my reader, should definitely try having them installed!

Soooo, here’s what I’ve learned about twists on my hair. I hope you find it somewhat useful.

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