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Cheap But Still So GOOD

Cheap But So Good

Time for a confession: I shop at Aldi. The prices are unbeatable and the quality of food is just like or similar to much more mainstream brands. One day I wondered how Aldi was able to deliver such good quality at such a low price. These were the reasons I found:

  • Making people pay to borrow trolleys. You get refunded once you return the trolley and that way, Aldi doesn’t have to pay someone to hang around at the car-parks.
  • Having enormous bar codes so the checkout person doesn’t have to look around.
  • Employing only a few staff.
  • And most importantly, scrimping on advertising!

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The Matte Lipstick Showdown: BeautyBakerie Vs. Others

Comparing BeautyBakerie matte lipsticks to Four others

BeautyBakerie is a makeup brand that I’ve been following for a while now. They make a line of extremely long-wearing, matte lipsticks they call lip whips. I love how beautifully everything about the brand has been executed: an engaging social media, a wonderful website, and alluring names for products( GELato, BROWnie etc). BeautyBakerie has also been worn by Beyoncé and Mama Tina and is run by a 31 year old black female entrepreneur with an amazing story. I’ll advice you guys to read her story on Beyonce’s site and/or on Medium.

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There’s Lead in Your Lipstick…but don’t be scared!

lead in your lipstick

Lead is known to affect children’s developing nerves and brains. It may also cause problems in adults like reduced memory loss, mood disorders and lowered fertility.

However, it is the amount of exposure that makes lead toxic. At a high enough level, almost everything can cause problems.

So what are lead amounts in lipstick?

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CompareContrast: Mask Away

Compare and Contrast. Vichy and The Body Shop.

Hey guys, this is a continuation of last week’s article on the illusion of choice in cosmetics.

Like I promised, I’m going to show you how similar products created by brands owned by the same company can be. Today I’ll be looking at two similarly priced items. Then next week I’ll compare a luxury item with a similar drugstore version. All the products mentioned are produced by L’oreal, the world’s biggest cosmetic company.

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