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Question: How Do I Take Better Care of my Relaxed Hair Before I Transition?

taking care of relaxed hair

Many people don’t know this but relaxed hair is more fragile than natural hair. It seems unbelievable right? But when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. It explains why many people who could not grow long hair when relaxed suddenly start gathering inches like no there’s no tomorrow when they go natural.

Because of how fragile it relaxed hair is, you need to consider adopting many hair-strengthening techniques that will more than prepare you for being natural (if you do decide to take the plunge). 6 Tips to consider are:

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My New Routine with Tips for You!

Hey Guys,

Here’s my updated hair routine:

  1. Wash and condition every 2 weeks
  2. Oil hair and scalp every 2-3 days using castor oil and/or a water based moisturizer. A mini-LCO but no liquid.
  3. My Shea Butter Co-wash Treatment weekly during winter and forthnightly during summer/spring
  4. Protein treatment every 3-6 months (Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment)

 If you follow me on twitter (@CosmeLagos) you should have seen me posting about how I’ve mastered natural hair. In case you haven’t, I’ve provided the tweet below:

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Safe Relaxing Girls (And Boys): All You Need to Know About Relaxers

When I first saw this tweet and the extent of the relaxer damage, I was so disturbed. Unfortunately, relaxer damage isn’t exactly uncommon. Thankfully most cases aren’t as bad as this. I haven’t used a relaxer in almost 6 years myself. My experiences with relaxing were horrible and my scalp to this day has not fully recovered (a story for another day).

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Maintaining Twists: What I’ve Learned

My featured image is my first trial at twisting last December. Looking back, it took way more time than it had to and I didn’t make them small enough to last as long as I wanted  (2 months). Anyway, I do think it was a good first trial and I have improved a lot since then.


My Twists Now. Installed April 16 2017.

I love twists because they are super easy to do and  look good on anyone. You, my reader, should definitely try having them installed!

Soooo, here’s what I’ve learned about twists on my hair. I hope you find it somewhat useful.

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