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Useful Information

My Experience at The Warehouse Sale + The Preservatives Problem

Take chances with Preservatives

My Experience at the Warehouse Sale

Hey guys,

  Sorry I took a break last week. I came back completely exhausted from all I had to do last week. I only recently got my apartment sorted out.

In case you don’t know, I recently started a paid internship at Estee Lauder, a company I’ve been trying to work for for years. My position is not exactly what I wanted but it’s a serious learning experience for me and I’m happy to have it.

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Green Washing: The Honest Company Isn’t so Honest

Greenwashing: The Honest Company

Green washing is when a cosmetic company would rather sell you the idea of being ‘green’ and ‘natural’ than actually be that. It’s pretty easy to see why; reformulating products take lots of time, money and effort and you might never be able to get the exact look or feel people are accustomed to.

Plus, since we’ve yet to define what a ‘natural’ cosmetic actually is, it gives companies leeway to define it however they want (like how some people tried to call ketchup a vegetable once 😆 ).

Q: So how do I avoid being green-washed?

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