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My New Routine with Tips for You!

Hey Guys,

Here’s my updated hair routine:

  1. Wash and condition every 2 weeks
  2. Oil hair and scalp every 2-3 days using castor oil and/or a water based moisturizer. A mini-LCO but no liquid.
  3. My Shea Butter Co-wash Treatment weekly during winter and forthnightly during summer/spring
  4. Protein treatment every 3-6 months (Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment)

 If you follow me on twitter (@CosmeLagos) you should have seen me posting about how I’ve mastered natural hair. In case you haven’t, I’ve provided the tweet below:

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Useful Information

My Experience at The Warehouse Sale + The Preservatives Problem

Take chances with Preservatives

My Experience at the Warehouse Sale

Hey guys,

  Sorry I took a break last week. I came back completely exhausted from all I had to do last week. I only recently got my apartment sorted out.

In case you don’t know, I recently started a paid internship at Estee Lauder, a company I’ve been trying to work for for years. My position is not exactly what I wanted but it’s a serious learning experience for me and I’m happy to have it.

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