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My Hair Regimen

Hair Regimen

As of October 2016. There will be updates as things change.

Creating a hair regimen can be tough; keeping to it can be even tougher. But it doesn’t have to be. I believe we can create appropriate regiments for ourselves if we know our hair needs and how we want to go about fulfilling them. My purpose for writing this is so you don’t stumble about as much as I did and waste time and money. Please, please learn from my mistakes y’all.

So here’s how I’m currently going about it. I’ll include the reasons why I use the products I use and some examples of what you could use if your hair’s different from mine.

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The Matte Lipstick Showdown: BeautyBakerie Vs. Others

Comparing BeautyBakerie matte lipsticks to Four others

BeautyBakerie is a makeup brand that I’ve been following for a while now. They make a line of extremely long-wearing, matte lipsticks they call lip whips. I love how beautifully everything about the brand has been executed: an engaging social media, a wonderful website, and alluring names for products( GELato, BROWnie etc). BeautyBakerie has also been worn by Beyoncé and Mama Tina and is run by a 31 year old black female entrepreneur with an amazing story. I’ll advice you guys to read her story on Beyonce’s site and/or on Medium.

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#AskCosme: Period Acne and Dyed Hair

#AskCosme: Period Acne and Dyed Hair

Have a beauty question you need answering? You can submit it here or e-mail me at  My ability to write blogposts like this directly depends on you sending me questions. So please do!

Jolade*(name changed) was cool enough to send me an e-mail. Please be like Jolade, she doesn’t have two heads. She needed suggestions to help with her facial and hair care. Below is what she sent:

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