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Skin Care

#BrighterSkin: How to Remove Dark Spots

How to remove dark spots the right way

Before removing dark patches/spots, you have to make sure the underlying problem has been fixed. For example, if you’re having dark spots because of an acne outbreak, find out what caused the acne, stop it from re-occurring, and then remove the dark spots. This is really important because using the following without doing this could make the hyper-pigmentation even worse.

I talked about the HORRIBLE ways to remove pigmentation; this week I want to talk about the RIGHT ways to remove dark spots. An effective routine will combine as many of the following as possible. For example, the area is washed with kojic acid soap, toned with salicylic acid-containing toner and moisturized with alpha-arbutin in an AHA base cream.

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Skin Care

#BrighterSkin: What CAN’T I use to lighten my skin?

How to remove dark spots the right way

I’d like to first start with how skin gets darker in the first place. Melanin is produced by specialized cells called melanocytes. The amino acid tyrosine is oxidized by these cells and then polymerized.

Melanogenesis happens to protect skin from UVB rays produced by the sun. Melanin is an effective absorber and diffuser of UVB rays (think of it as a natural sunscreen with an SPF value of about 15). Studies have shown that white skin is 70 times more likely to develop cancer than black skin (Halder, 1995). Continue Reading