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Skin Care

CompareContrast: Lancome Vs. NYX

Lancome La Base Pro Hydra Glow Primer, NYX Born to Glow Illuminator

Last week, I compared two similarly priced face masks and showed just how similar they really are. This week I’m looking at two primers: one from a luxury brand, the other from a drugstore brand. Both brands are owned by L’oreal as were the brands explored last week.

Below are links, prices and ingredients all taken from

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Color? Skin Care

CompareContrast: Mask Away

Compare and Contrast. Vichy and The Body Shop.

Hey guys, this is a continuation of last week’s article on the illusion of choice in cosmetics.

Like I promised, I’m going to show you how similar products created by brands owned by the same company can be. Today I’ll be looking at two similarly priced items. Then next week I’ll compare a luxury item with a similar drugstore version. All the products mentioned are produced by L’oreal, the world’s biggest cosmetic company.

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