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Hair Care

My Hair Regimen

Hair Regimen

As of October 2016. There will be updates as things change.

Creating a hair regimen can be tough; keeping to it can be even tougher. But it doesn’t have to be. I believe we can create appropriate regiments for ourselves if we know our hair needs and how we want to go about fulfilling them. My purpose for writing this is so you don’t stumble about as much as I did and waste time and money. Please, please learn from my mistakes y’all.

So here’s how I’m currently going about it. I’ll include the reasons why I use the products I use and some examples of what you could use if your hair’s different from mine.

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Skin Care Useful Information

Yeah, Oats Have Cleansers

I was boiling Quaker oats to make myself a healthy breakfast one morning when I noticed the water bubbling. The bubbles looked very soap-like and I immediately began to wonder if certain compounds found in oats could have cleansing properties.

So I started looking around. I found that I was in fact right: there are compounds found in many plants called saponins, which perform a variety of functions including cleansing.

Saponins are made up of complex water-soluble glucosides (sugars) bound to oil-soluble sapogenins (steroid or triterpene based). This amphiphilic structure  is what helps to make saponins naturally foamy and cleansing. This property makes them surfactants. Continue Reading