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There’s Lead in Your Lipstick…but don’t be scared!

lead in your lipstick

Lead is known to affect children’s developing nerves and brains. It may also cause problems in adults like reduced memory loss, mood disorders and lowered fertility.

However, it is the amount of exposure that makes lead toxic. At a high enough level, almost everything can cause problems.

So what are lead amounts in lipstick?

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Skin Care

#BrighterSkin: What CAN’T I use to lighten my skin?

How to remove dark spots the right way

I’d like to first start with how skin gets darker in the first place. Melanin is produced by specialized cells called melanocytes. The amino acid tyrosine is oxidized by these cells and then polymerized.

Melanogenesis happens to protect skin from UVB rays produced by the sun. Melanin is an effective absorber and diffuser of UVB rays (think of it as a natural sunscreen with an SPF value of about 15). Studies have shown that white skin is 70 times more likely to develop cancer than black skin (Halder, 1995). Continue Reading