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Skin Care

#BrighterSkin: How to Remove Dark Spots

How to remove dark spots the right way

Before removing dark patches/spots, you have to make sure the underlying problem has been fixed. For example, if you’re having dark spots because of an acne outbreak, find out what caused the acne, stop it from re-occurring, and then remove the dark spots. This is really important because using the following without doing this could make the hyper-pigmentation even worse.

I talked about the HORRIBLE ways to remove pigmentation; this week I want to talk about the RIGHT ways to remove dark spots. An effective routine will combine as many of the following as possible. For example, the area is washed with kojic acid soap, toned with salicylic acid-containing toner and moisturized with alpha-arbutin in an AHA base cream.

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Hair Care

6 Natural Hair Tips and Tricks

Nigerian Black hair from the 60s.
I’ll be 3 years natural in about 6 months. I can’t tell you how long my hair is because I don’t like to check, but I’m guessing it must be around 15 inches stretched out.  Here’s some of what I’ve learned over this time period that I wish I had known when I had started. I hope it helps you.

Hair is just hair. The inherent structure regardless of the person, race etc. remains practically the same. Differences in texture arise simply from the shape of hair follicles on your head. A very flat follicle produces kinky hair and perfectly round follicle produces straight hair. Curlier hair is right in the middle.

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